Durham Dental Bonding

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Dental Bonding in Durham

If you are located in Durham and are self-conscious about your smile, Dr. Messenger can help. At Messenger Family Dentistry, we offer a wide variety of cosmetic treatments, such as dental bonding. After you come in for a cosmetic consultation, Dr. Messenger can help you determine which treatment is right for you based on your needs and your budget. Schedule your appointment today and get one step closer to your dream smile! 

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What Is Dental Bonding?

How Does It Work?

Dental bonding uses dental resin to reshape and restore your teeth. This resin is similar to the material used for dental fillings. Dr. Messenger will apply the resin directly to your tooth to reshape it and cover-up cosmetic flaws. It will be trimmed and sculpted to match your surrounding teeth, improving the aesthetics of your smile.

Most patients opt to have multiple teeth bonded at once because the process is affordable, fast, and non-invasive. Once it has been applied, the bonding material will look and feel just like part of your natural tooth.

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How Does Dental Bonding Help?

Commonly-Treated Cosmetic Issues

Dental bonding can be used to treat a number of different cosmetic dental issues. It’s commonly used to help reshape uneven, slightly-crooked, gapped, or misshapen teeth. The resin can help fill in gaps and imperfections, and provide you with a beautiful, straight smile.

Dental bonding can also be used to restore teeth with severe stains that may not respond to teeth whitening. However, an alternative treatment like a dental crown or veneer may also be appropriate, depending on the specifics of your case. During your treatment, Dr. Messenger will help you choose the option that’s right for you.

Am I a Good Candidate

For Dental Bonding?

 If you have cosmetic issues with your smile and your teeth and gums are healthy, dental bonding may be a good option for you. 

If you don’t like the idea of more invasive, irreversible procedures like veneers, it may also be a good choice for you. Bonding does not involve the removal of any natural enamel, so it is a great non-invasive option and does not damage your natural teeth.

Bonding may also be a good choice for you if you are on a tight budget. It is usually more affordable than other cosmetic procedures like veneers and cosmetic crowns.

What to Expect

From the Dental Bonding Process

Dental bonding is non-invasive and typically only takes about 30-60 minutes per tooth, so most patients opt to have multiple teeth treated at once. The treatment will begin with Dr. Messenger cleaning your teeth and applying a special acid to the teeth which are being bonded. This acid prepares the surface to provide the bonding material with a secure hold.

After your tooth is prepared, Dr. Messenger will apply a tooth-colored resin directly to your tooth and begin shaping it with special dental tools. Once it is the right overall shape, it will be hardened with a UV light. Then, Dr. Messenger will trim it and refine its shape with a dental drill, and continue sculpting your tooth until it looks completely natural and fits your bite perfectly. Finally, it will be buffed and polished to complete the procedure. This process will be repeated for each tooth that is being treated with dental bonding. You will be left with a more attractive smile and newfound confidence.

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